The Women’s Ventures Fund Is Helping to Grow the Islamic Women’s Fashion Industry

"Muslim Women's Fashion"The billion dollars Muslim Women’s fashion commerce today might be one of the majorities talked about subjects but what profitable action is actually happening? Aside from far above the ground low worth transactions for low-value daily Muslim women’s fashion, high fashion or luxury tailoring fashion is still rising very much slower. Why? Is it for the reason that Muslim women’s fashion just doesn’t outfit luxury conventional women’s fashion? Is it because Muslim and luxury basically don’t go mutually?

We know neither of the over is the case as we have seen lots of big fashion designers enthused by Arabian/Islamic inheritance and the newest collections of Haute Couture houses like Valentino express this obviously in their long-lasting contemporary lines with key Arabian women’s figures frequently seen in their pieces. Islam even though disappointing pride encourages smart dress and fresh appearance of oneself.

In an investigation shows additional somber and important problems opposite this industry. Women in fashion, predominantly those who are Muslim, face complexity obtaining appropriate mentors, sustain mechanisms or the be short of of self-assurance given educational implications that women are lesser in business in lots of countries internationally, the list goes on. This and the superior barriers to entrance including considerable cost concerned in beginning your collections create it a roughly impracticable obstacle to attain.

Taking this into explanation, Haute Arabia’s dream was set to make easy the commercialization of hundreds of fresh high feature fashion designers of conventional & self-effacing design enthused by Arabian/Islamic inheritance into the international market through right of entry to a stage with the uppermost aggregated traffic for women internationally and right of entry to possessions including financial and intellectual capital.

At the same time as today the go up of women’s fashion bloggers is well-known — what is fewer widespread our real touchable solutions to allow more women to approach to market. Having hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram (a platform of choice for Muslim bloggers) seems to carry you rank and fame but it doesn’t alter the economic opportunities or backdrop for the women enthused.

Haute Arabia is exclusive for the reason that it has build a stage from a few articles to hundreds of articles casing how to recognize your target market, to inspiring stories from designers who have finished it to the global catwalk or global retailers, through to offstage insights with the designers, the resists and challenges they faced and motivation for women’s fashion shows, tools and textile sourcing suggestions. Haute Arabia now reaches of over 80,000 users. That’s at rest a small number for the eventual aim but it has listed 162 designers enthused by Arabian or Islamic inheritance, i.e. that’s 162 typically innovative women who have the probable and have in progress to capture steps to connect the global women’s fashion market. Haute Arabia has a following in over 49 countries and has interviewed over 45 designers.

But there’s something now missing. The stage mentors, supports, inspires, offers tools but the ‘M’ word as Yasmine. Yasmine our characteristic editor and famous person creator put it on our current live chat on Huffington Post at 17 mins 12 secs onwards is key.

‘M,’ money, i.e. financial capital is a key constituent that is still now missing in the setting for women entrepreneurs, even additional so in industries like women’s fashion which are much slower to draw investment.

This program enables us right of entry to the biggest number of women’s fashion target market consumers from side to side straight gifting to this market. It enables to get hold of instant right of entry to market investigates and information on user practices.

And we get to construct the only such finance accessible in the globe to provide support women anywhere in the earth to construct their business. Women take delivery of one year of mentoring support as a silver member and will be permitted to the interest free loan after one full year of mentoring ensuring that they are educated how most excellent to apply these funds and ensuring that the finance is not misplaced throughout neglectful or unproductive utilize.