Top 5 most iconic fashion moments in Film

"Top 5 most iconic fashion moments in Film"Beforehand the internet general public looked to films for their dress encouragement and for some Hollywood actresses on-screen stylishness can be as abundant a part of their starring role as acting.

At times the costumes are more unforgettable than the typescripts themselves. Everyone be familiar with the shot of Marilyn’s white dress, but most general public don’t know it’s in use from the film The Seven Year Itch.

From Holly Golightly to Margot Tenenbaum, these are five of film’s most iconic fashion moments:

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Debatably the most sophisticated film in Hollywood history, Breakfast at Tiffany’s understands Audrey showcasing good looking Givenchy smithereens throughout. The most iconic of all being the black dress worn in the opening shots, which sparked a love affair with the LBD that still exists today.

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

Diane Keaton is the queen of boyfriend chic in this 1977 Woody Allen classic. The baggy trousers and fedora hats featured in the film sparked a huge trend in androgynous dressing and many items worn in the film actually came from Diane’s own wardrobe.

Madonna in Desperately seeking Susan

After this movie’s release, Madonna’s thrift store look became the signature style of the 80’s – bold colours, leggings, mesh cropped tops, stacks of bangles and necklaces. The thrift store where Susan goes shopping actually exists and can be found in New York

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

Kate’s 1970’s inspired wardrobe made everyone want to run away and become a groupie. Penny Lane’s fur jacket, crop tops, floppy hats, tassels, waist coats and platforms continue to be copied. The 70’s hippy look remains the preferred look for festivals year after year.

Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums

For this 2001 film Wes Anderson made sure all the clothes were from the 70’s, but after the release of the film fur coats, barrettes and sleek bobs became the look du jour thanks to Gwyneth’s role as Margot Tenenbaum.