Women’s Health & Fitness(part 02)


Apart from the kind of injuries which will plague all runners – rubor, black toenails, redness – there area unit some health problems that area unit a lot of prevailing in ladies runners, and a few that area unit solely feminine.


Women runners will be stricken by skin breakouts on their face, hairline, upper back, chest, higher arms and buttocks. Sweat production combined with hair follicles or friction caused from rubbing garments may be a formula for disease of the skin. increased temperature and humidness exacerbate the matter, as do product like sun screen and make-up, that slim down on to the skin and clog pores.
To foreclose disease of the skin, follow these steps:

Minimise the employment of make-up and hair-care product before running. the most effective make-up for running isn’t any make-up in any respect. If time permits, wash your face before running, and once more once you run before re-applying make-up.
Use a emollient specifically developed for the skin on your face and neck. opt for a gel or lotion for the remainder of your body, instead of a cream.
Wipe acne-prone areas with associate astringent pad or towelette like a shot once running. (Once your body’s natural oils cool, they harden, resulting in blocked pores.)
Change out of wet exercise garments straight once running, and shower as before long as potential.
Cleanse acne-prone areas completely. light exfoliation will facilitate, however do not scrub to the purpose of exasperating your skin.
If you’re susceptible to disease of the skin, consult a medical specialist regarding the employment of prescription medication.
“The Pill”

Researchers disagree regarding the impact of the pill on athletic performance. although most studies have shown the pill has no result on performance, some analysis indicates it’s going to cause a small reduction in aerobic capability.
On the opposite hand, some runners feel the pill helps performance by reducing emission symptoms. These runners like taking the pill so that they will management their cycle and do not ought to race once they area unit having their amount. though it’s safe to govern the temporal arrangement of your amount, consultants typically agree this follow ought to be reserved for major competitions and done solely some times a year. Ultimately, you would like to come to a decision for yourself whether or not taking the pill is sensible for you. for each runner UN agency swears by it, there’s another UN agency insists she feels and performs higher while not it. If you run recreationally, you most likely do not have to fret regarding any athletic impact of the pill. On the opposite hand, if you race competitively and do not wish to risk sacrificing aerobic capability, you would possibly wish to contemplate victimisation another technique of family planning.


Women area unit a lot of susceptible to enuresis thanks to their anatomy. It’s calculable that one in 2 ladies expertise some level of piddle leak and it’s annoying and upsetting.
Although running doesn’t cause incontinence, the activity – yet as that of alternative exercises and sports – will induce piddle leak in ladies UN agency area unit already susceptible to it.
Many women notice relief by strengthening the muscles within the girdle space with Kegel exercises. to try to to these, contract your girdle muscles as if you’re making an attempt to prevent a flow of piddle. Hold for some seconds, so unharness, and repeat for up to 5 minutes. For larger effectiveness, do that exercise in an exceedingly style of positions: sitting, standing, lying down. There are many devices which will be bought over the counter or with a prescription that facilitate management leak. talk over with your GP regarding what would possibly work best for you.

Menstrual issues

Although some ladies complain of discomfort throughout their periods, it’s typically accepted menstruum has restricted impact on exercise performance. ladies have run well, set records and won championships in any respect phases of the oscillation. Clinical studies have shown no modification in heart-rate, strength or endurance throughout the cycle. Exercise will improve your feelings of well-being before and through your amount. Some doctors even order exercise for ladies that suffer discomfort at now of the month. analysis has shown moderate exercise will alleviate physical pre-menstrual symptoms, together with breast tenderness and fluid retention. understanding often is additionally thought to alleviate the mood disturbances characteristic of syndrome.

A potential downside for runners is that the stop of menstruum. ladies UN agency run strenuously could also be at higher risk of getting “athletic amenorrhoea”, or irregular or absent periods. coaching stress, performance pressure, low body fat and inadequate nutrition area unit all potential contributory factors. These parts produce associate equation of energy balance, and once it tips towards the negative – whether or not from running itself or from associated stress – some ladies can suffer emission irregularities. Young runners, people who train at intense levels and people with a history of emission irregularities area unit possibly to suffer from these issues.

One of the foremost serious consequences of symptom is pathology, that happens as a result of feminine hormones, that shield Ca in bone, area unit in brief provide. associate early onset of pathology will result in a greatly increased risk of stress fractures and acute fractures, and since shriveled bone density isn’t simply reversed, it’d last for the remainder of your life.

An additional concern is lack of organic process. as a result of ladies will shed blood even once not ovulating, the presence of a amount doesn’t guarantee a healthy oscillation. a scarcity of organic process will signal insufficient levels of Lipo-Lutin, which may result in over-stimulation of the female internal reproductive organ lining, golf shot you in danger of carcinoma.

If you believe you’re not ovulating, track your temperature as if you were attempting to conceive. A adult female body temperature is mostly lower at the start of her monthly cycle and better for the last fortnight. the rise in temperature happens at the time of organic process. to trace this cycle, take your temperature very first thing within the morning, before you wake. If your results do not follow the pattern, the probabilities area unit you are not ovulating. a whole lack of pre-menstrual symptoms is another clue. If your conditions purpose towards any variety of irregularity, consult your doctor.


Weight-bearing exercise, like running, will facilitate build and maintain bone density levels in ladies, however ladies UN agency have abnormal emission cycles, which will arise from the combined physical and mental stress of over-training and disordered feeding, might not gain these edges.

Several studies have shown ladies UN agency have noncontinuous emission cycles suffer a lot of stess fractures than their counterparts with traditional cycles. These ladies usually exhibit lower levels of bone mineral density. though it’s typically accepted that secretion disruptions and premature loss of bone density area unit coupled in feminine athletes, the cause and result relationship isn’t clear. as an example, some researchers suppose the type of girls drawn to intense exercise is a lot of doubtless to exhibit stress altogether areas of life, that might have an effect on secretion levels even while not exercise.

Experts agree ladies should act to safeguard themselves from early-onset pathology. It’s notably necessary as once she is past her thirty-something, a lady will not build bone mass, however solely maintain her reserves. you must take each precaution to confirm you’re not losing bone mass. meaning feeding a properly diet – additionally to any or all the necessary nutrients, and Ca particularly, you must certify you’re overwhelming enough fat and calories overall to sustain your level of exercise. Monitor your oscillation, and if there area unit any irregularities consult your doctor. A bone take a look at could be so as.