Women’s Health & Fitness(Part 1)


 women’s health

Women’s bodies will be delicate nonetheless robust, straightforward nonetheless advanced, all at constant time. For obvious reasons, we’d like to trot out a bunch of various and distinctive health care desires become independent from our male counterparts. whereas capable of miracles like vaginal birth and breastfeeding, we tend to additionally face major secretion fluctuations throughout our lifetimes similarly as a bunch of infections which might vary from pestiferous and aggravating to critical. Luckily, variety of those problems will be prevented or perhaps treated with natural, whole, probiotic-filled foods…like Lifeway Kefir!

What is a yeast infection?

First of all, if you think you’ve got a yeast infection or area unit diagnosed with one, don’t be embarrassed.

These infections area unit very common – regarding seventy fifth of girls can have one throughout their period of time. atiny low quantity of yeast is often within the vagina; this is often utterly traditional. however once the yeast overgrows, it will cause associate degree infection.
One of the foremost common culprits behind this sort of overgrowth – Antibiotics. Of course, we tend to all may have these medication from time to time for facilitate with something from septic sore throat to preventing infection when surgery. however whereas antibiotics do an honest job of wiping out unhealthy microorganism in our systems, they’ll additionally wipe out the great microorganism that keep yeast in restraint.

What area unit the symptoms?

If you suffer from the subsequent symptoms, you ought to schedule a rendezvous together with your doctor to urge tested for a yeast infection:

Extreme haptic sensation in and round the duct.
Burning, redness, and swelling of the duct and also the female genitals.
Pain once urinating or throughout intercourse.
A thick, white, odourless discharge
Besides antibiotics, factors like stress, a scarcity of sleep, poor feeding habits (including feeding extreme amounts of sweet foods) and secretion changes throughout your periods will cause you to a lot of at risk of these irritating infections.

What area unit the standard treatments?

Many doctors can order associate degree antifungal medication, which can are available in cream, pill or medicine kind. He or she can also order a dose of a drug referred to as oral fluconazole.

How will kefir help?

“Kefir may be a natural, food-based thanks to keep the microflora (aka sensible bacteria) up within the intestines,” explains Valerie Early, a Registered nutritionist, Registered Pharmacy Technician and owner of Nutrition, Connection, Balance, LLC  in Schaumburg , IL, that focuses on victimization medical nutrition medical aid to balance hormones and health. “It’s higher than (the average) food product, like your typical food, as a result of the precise strains of acidophilus and lactobaccillus extremely do facilitate promote those sensible microorganism.” once Early’s shoppers area unit prescribed a course of antibiotic, she’s going to typically suggest kefir as a complement to assist make full sensible microorganism within the lower FI system. “When folks have a lot of kefir in their diets or take probiotic supplements or whole food supplements with probiotics in them, I do see a discount in complaints in channel cutaneous sensation, yeast infections and simply general system problems,” she observes.

What area unit another women’s health problems that may enjoy kefir?

Working on the Labor and Delivery Unit at tyro Women’s Hospital at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Alyson Lippman, RN, sees her justifiable share of patients with channel health problems. For pregnant ladies specifically, she says a microorganism referred to as group B Beta Strep, that lives naturally within the duct and body part, will cause hassle throughout a channel delivery. “There is potential for passing it to the baby, wherever it will be harmful and cause infection,” Lippman says. normal protocol needs all pregnant ladies to urge tested at thirty six weeks gestation; if there’s associate degree overgrowth, a lady can receive IV antibiotics throughout labor. As mentioned throughout this text, antibiotics will build a lady at risk of yeast infections. Lippman, a replacement mother herself, took acidophilus capsules throughout her physiological state in a trial to assist keep the group B Beta Strep in restraint, reducing the requirement for IV antibiotics, however she says ladies may also drink kefir or food (“probably kefir is healthier as a result of it contains a lot of probiotics,” she says) to stop a Strep overgrowth. (Of note: Lippman says several nurses in her labor and delivery unit drink kefir themselves!)
Another pregnancy-related concern distinguished by Lippman: Yeast infections will occur on the breast and be passed back and forth between a mother and her nursing kid. “If you’re frequently taking in probiotics, that might scale back your risk,” of deed associate degree infection within the initial place.

Looking past the childbearing years, at age forty and on top of, many ladies begin coming into a introduce life referred to as perimenopause, throughout that channel health problems could also be a lot of probably to ensue. thanks to this, it’s significantly vital to stay the degree of excellent microorganism elevated, Early says. to assist head off yeast infections, discharge and general channel discomfort, she recommends a cup of kefir each day to shoppers – she says she likes it quite fortified food as a result of kefir usually contains less sugar. She can also suggest a probiotic supplement.
We here at Lifeway like to see men, ladies and youngsters of all ages enjoying our product, however clearly ladies will profit in an exceedingly range of distinct ways in which. we tend to hope you get pleasure from our probiotic-rich kefir – and drink it to your health!